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    October 30, 2012
    7:00 - 9:00am PDT  

>> reporter: we've just arrived on scene of a house fire in san jose that started and there was some sort of and explosion.
we'll tell you how many people were inside and then the extent of the injuries. superstorm sandy is taking a devastating toll on the east coast. and for travel exit's another day of cancellations and rerouted flights, but the situation is improving here at sfo. we'll explain why -- coming up. >> reporter: and the countdown to the ticker tape parade for the giants is coming up. we'll have more later. good morning of the i'm dave clark. welcome to "mornings on 2." >> tori campbell. breaking news in san jose. crews rushed there after a report of an explosion. alex savidge is on the scene. what do we know so far, alex? >> reporter: well, still a very
active scene here. san jose firefighters inside this home behind us here, trying to make sure this fire is knocked down. there is one gentleman sitting here with a blanket around him. one of the people inside the home this morning. five people were inside at the -- in the home at the time, includinging who were hurt. tell me about the injuries. >> minor burns just from exposure to the heat. >> reporter: we heard this started with an explosion? >> that was the report. the report was an explosion fired by a crew. first thing, crews found a couple of bedrooms on fire. as far as the explosion goes,
that's still under investigation. the hazmat team is here to do some monitoring to figure out if it was gas-related or another cause. >> reporter: thank you very much, can't be. i appreciate that -- captain. i appreciate that. the san jose firefighters are out here to make sure this fire is out. they believe this started from some sort of an explosion. a lot more investigate to do out here. we'll gather more information and be back later on here on "mornings on 2." alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:036789 we're -- 7:03. we're also on storm watch. a six-alarm fire in queens, new york, one that started last night in a flooded neighborhood. it's still burning this morning. between 80 and 100 houses burned to the ground. about 200 firefighters at the scene have run into several big problems including the high winds out there. they don't have enough water
pressure to put the fires out. and then there's this. hurricane-force winds knocking the facade off the apartment building. this is in chelsey, new york. it partially collapse. it left a crane dangling. and the subway system in new york suffered major flooding. it's not clear when that service will resume. 7:04. new this morning several rescue efforts are underway in new jersey to reach people stranded by floodwaters. rescuers had to use a boat to rescue people stranded in hackenstack. and they are roo er-- and they are trying to reach others after a berm flooded over. at least 17 death have been
blamed on the storm, including a woman forced to abandon a ship off the coast of north carolina. others were rescue -- others were also caued from the -- were rescued from the ship but she later died from the hospital. the captain is still unaccounted for and is presumed to have drowned. the vessel has featured -- has been featured in several movies. coming up at 7:15, how the capitol is cope with this rare event. 7:05. the storm is having a came impact, too. hundreds of flights out of the bay area have been canceled because of the big storm on the east coast. allie rasmus is live at san francisco international airport right now to tell us how the storm could affect your travel plans not only on the east coast but other destinations
and alley, it sound -- allie, is sounds like things are improving. >> reporter: they are. there are people checking in. it's getting busier as the morning goes on. you can see people checking in. at the virgin airlines people are checking in. >> what we're seeing is today about 50 departures and 65 arrivals being cancelled. that's about 115 total flights. there are some flights showing as operating, mainly later in the day, very tentative at this time. >> so 115 canceled flights. but that's compared to 150 yesterday. it's improving. it's all because of the impact of what was hurricane sandy. thousands us of flights in and
out of the east coast. inside terminal 2, we got here at 3:0, and we found many people forced to spend the night because they had nowhere else to go to wait for their rerouted and rescheduled flights. many affected are international travelers to connect to other flights? one couple coming back from their honeymoon in maui were rerouted and are heading back home today. but now they have to go to four u.s. cities to get back home. >> all wait to london. >> reporter: instead of -- >> we were going to go washington to london. >> reporter: the sfo spokesman said more flights to some east coast cities could resume later today. if you have a red eye flight to boston or new york, you could be in luck. it will all depend on the weather conditions and the
maimer airport on the east coast in new york and boston, philadelphia and washington. the airports have a lot of damage, not all of their flights may resume even after the storm passes. it's always good to call the airline ahead of time and check on your flight status before you leave. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the city of san francisco is making final plans for tomorrow's big giants' victory parade. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. we've seen some of the parade floats. we're gonna show them to new just a minute. we are -- these are the barricades going up apartment 9:30. we're here along market street. this is where the parade route is and there's already excitement building in the air. the last time around in 2010 an estimated million fans turned up to the ticker tape parade. they expect that same number this year.
thousands may be skipping out on work and school to see history repeated. we met up with one fan who missed the parade last time. this year he's dressing up and will be here. >> this is my first time. i mean, i'm just in love. it's so exciting. i was there. so happy. yesterday, everybody was happy. everybody smiling. what's -- i hope every day will be like that. >> reporter: now, we did get a sneak peek at some of the parade floats and float builders have used up to a mile of orange and black sheeting. in the last parade, the giants' players rose in cable cars. but this year, they will be in convertibles so you will be able to get a better look at them. you may see some fans in costumes because it is halloween. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news.
>> thank you. the parade is set to start at 11:00, near san francisco's ferry building. it will go up market street and wind up at the civic center plaza. if you cannot be there on person or cannot avoid the crowds, you can watch the parade at live coverage begins at 10:30 tomorrow morning and public transit will be adding a lot of extra service to handle the crowds. two years ago, it was just packed. b.a.r.t. plat -- b.a.r.t. platforms -- let's check with sal than. >> i got a couple of e-mails say the morning -- sal on that. >> i got a couple of e mays saying the morn -- -- the -- a couple of e males saying the
morning commute was bigger. when you get to the toll plaza, it's -- a couple of e-mails saying the commute was busier. and when you get to the toll plaza, the metering lights are on. it's slow on northbound 85. we checked in with b.a.r.t. and muni, they are reporting on time. 7:10. let's go to steve. a lot of fog out there. in fact, a fog advisory takes to us 9:00. some areas not so bad. so, you know, yesterday was 8:00. today, 9:00. about 9:00, 9:0. it will an nice day, not as warm as yesterday. but still some 70s popping up. yesterday had low 80s. livermore being one at 81. not today, 75. san jose was 75. 72. drop it 2 for san francisco and santa rosa. 48, santa rosa. sonoma county airport, numerous reports of fog. livermore at 49. san jose is foggy and 57.
just depends on some of that fog holding temperatures up. big system out hee. i mean good-looking system. but where is it going to go? because there is an even bigger one on the great lakes and deep south. our system is really stuck until this system, what was hurricane sandy, starts to move. our system looks pretty good. it will give us increasing clouds tomorrow and then maybe some rain la wednesday. i think it comes in very late. it's simply coming to a crawl here. see the rain really doesn't move. i mean it's trying, trying, inching closer finally beginning to move in. thick morning fog will give way to sunshine. a little cooler. not much in the way of any breeze yet. 60s and 70s. now we will have a pretty good low cloud deck tomorrow. it does look dry. thank goodness the parade is
not on thursday. as it is, it will be low clouds. mostly cloudy, probably a few sunbreaks. fog and low clouds will be increasing on wednesday. along with the high and mid- level clouds. it's one and done. they will clear it out on friday. back to sunny and warmer by the weekend. >> thank you, steve. 7:12. the massive storm back east has shut down some major oil refineries. could this have an impact on gas prices -- gas prices here on the west coast. and new questions about breast cancer screening. the downside of this popular procedure. %blñwó
the fog will be thick today. once it burns off, it will -- the fog advisory ends at 9:00. roads are blocked.
homes and neighborhoods are flooded in washington, d.c. as scott macfarland joins us live. sandy has, once again, paralyzed the nation's capital. what began has a hurricane is cold. there are small snowflakes mixed in with the rain. there's debris all throughout the nation's capital. you've got trees uprooted mocking roads, the subways are down, airports are empty and major computer trains are down and because people can'tette -- and because people can't get around, d.c. is paralyzed and this storm is moving in southwest pennsylvania. >> this is not over. hopefully people will be able
to stay safe until we can get to the other side of the storm. >> reporter: about a foot of snow. let me show you this u.s. senate russell building. two things are paralyzed. the russell building is closed, the capital complex is closed. you can try to call the california congressional offices. you won't get through. scott macfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:17. the u.s. labor department says it's working hard to be able to release the october jobs report on schedule on friday despite this government shutdown. the jobs report is watched closely as an indicator of how the economy is doing. last month, the unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, the lowest level since president obama took office. friday's enemployment report would be the last one released before next tuesday's election. 7:17. gas prices on the east coast
may shoot up because of hurricane sandy if oil production is disrupted. hundreds are jobs are being cut by paypal. the job cuts are coming from that stream lining fort. the company officials say paypal has developed a reputation as a bureaucratic workplace and they are adding that makes it harder to attract and retain the best software engineers and designers. jury selection begins for a san jose elementary school principal accused of failing to report a case of suspected
child abuse by a cheecher -- teacher. prosecutors say the prince -- prosecutors say the principal failed to report the teacher's behavior. children started to come forward. that mother alled police and chandler came came forward. the principal faces a misdemeanor charge. a union city woman faces at least 25 years in prison after a jury convicted her of killing michelle le. jurors announced a guilty verdict yesterday against 28- year-old giselle esthat ban. prosecutors call her a socio path and say she believes the father of her child was having an affair with le. le disappeared from hayward in may and her remains were found several months later. she will be sentenced on december 10th. a new study from britain
claims that while breast cancer screenings have proven to save lives, it can come at a cost. while three women's lives are saved, others are overdiagnosed. the scientists in britain say their screening program say the screenings save 1300 every year but about 4,000 women are overdiagnosed. whack -- back here at home, it was voted that the judges can ban the use of medical marijuana as a probation violation. well, a passenger at sfo is accused of trying to smuggle cocaine on to an overseas flight.
customs and border protection officials say he swallowed 100 cocaine-filled pellets and then try -- and then triped to get on to a flight to -- on a flight in japan. authorities say he doesn't live in the bay area but he is a u.s. resident. 7:20. a rain storm is approaching the bay area. nothing like sandy. but meteorologist steve paulson is tracking the system. also the proposal that will take center stage in menlo park. good morning if you are drivening on the san mateo bridge, driving is not that great. you can see there is a lot of slow traffic there. in there, i'm gonna score.
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a bartender in san francisco is accusing google of harassment after he found a prototype of google's new nexus 4 smartphone. he tells wired magazine that a google employee left the phone at the 500 club last month but he says when google sent a security officer to pick it up, he was threatened with arrest. the bartender says after happening over the device, google offered him a free phone if he agreed not to go to the media but he sold pictures of the new phone to wired magazine instead. the menlo park city council will discuss the proposed expansion of facebook's headquarters at its meeting tonight. facebook currently has a nine- building complex in menlo park with room for up to 3600 workers. the company has plans to expand
with another building for an additional 2800 employees. some people have expressed the concerns about this because of local traffic and community services. the new ktvu ipad app is ready to download. you can watch all of our news live, drive-time traffic and video and breaking news any time anywhere. 7:24. sal is back. you are watching 880. do we still have fog problems? >> we do. when it's light and foggy, it's a bad combination. the traffic here is moving along well. you can see fog is no longer an issue in this part of oakland. also at the bay bridge toll plaza we have traffic that's backed up. it's not that bad. but it is backed up to the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on. we have a new crash, northbound
101 in mountain view. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. that will take news 9:00, kind of misty, maybe drizzly by the coast as well. kind of dances around. some of it -- it's not widespread but there's plenty. most observations say foggy and most clouds and cloudy. dense fog again until 9:00. it starts to lift around then. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. 49 livermore. good-looking system out there. one forecast model kind of speeds it up into wednesday night. the other one says i -- that makes a little more sense to me. i think our system will slow down a little bit. dense fog advisory. sunshine later, though, temperatures kind of cooler, just a slight cooling trend. we'll take that -- the coolest day will be thursday. 60s and 70s today. just -- still mild to warm. but not as warm as yesterday.
there's another look at that system. we'll talk more about that, our parade forecast. also halloween coming up later. >> thank you, steve. well, the super storm on the east coast, that's living up to everyone's fears and widespread destruction where sandy is heading next. a san jose family escapes their house after it catches fire early this morning. we'll tell you why fire investigators are looking to see how this may have started with an explosion. and transportation officials and giants' fans are getting ready for the big parade tomorrow. we'll tell you what you need to know. "mornings on 2" correspondents. -- "mornings on 2" continues.
we warrant to update you on breaking news in san jose. that's where an early-morning fire chased a family of five from their -- from their home. alex savidge is on the scene with the reason firefighters are investigating whether natural gas is to blame. there was some kind of an explosion that went off before -- went off before this fire
went out. the house caught fire just of a 6:00 on saturday. when the flames broke out. the people inside the house heard what seemed like an explosion. the san jose fire department is calling in the hazardous incident team to figure out if this was natural gas-related. either way a terrifying moment for this family. >> all of a sudden. the kids came running. there was an explosion in my room, we opened the door and there was smoke everywhere. we just tried to get everybody towards the door. by the time we get to the door there's smoke and the -- in the whole house. >> reporter: pg&e is here on scene. they've turned off the natural gas to this home and their workers are checking the lines.
the man i talked to -- i talked with who lives here, very grateful no one was hurt. but he says the family's puppy ran away during the fire and is still missing. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. millions of people on the east coast are making up -- are waking up without power and mass transit and varying degrees of flood and snow this morning. 17 people have died. 17.4million have no power. the new york area was one of the hardest hit. president obama has just declared a major disaster. here you see new video into flooded -- into flash flooded homes and scenes -- queens.
the presidential candidates have reworked their schedules. it may take a break to get the power back on for millions of people who lost electricity in the storm. coming up for you at 7:45, how crews from right here in northern california are helping to get the lights -- lights back on. the san francisco giants
received a warm welcome when they arrived back in the bay area. [no audio] [ cheers ] >> reporter: there it is. fans and airport workers are there. [ cheers ] and then they went to at&t park where 500 fans were waiting. the team and coaches are resting up for the victory parade, which, by the way, we will air live here starting at
10:30. thousands of people from all over the bay area are expected tomorrow in the victory parade. business owners don't want a repeat of the vandalism that happened sunday night 36 arrests were made. more than half of them were for felonies. >> as we celebrate the next couple of day, it's important that we celebrate responsibility. vandalizing private property is not the proper way to celebrate and we're hurting a lot of our small businesses. >> that muni bus set on fire. muni had a 3,000 makeover to buses. row pairs will cost more money. and this picture, this was in the "chronic." you see a man in a giants' t- shirt using a street barricade to batter the front of the muni
bus. other buses were tagged, graffiti or damaged by people who climbed and jumped on top of the buses. 1 million parade watchers and if tomorrow's victory parade is anything like the one two years ago ago, you will -- years ago, you will need to plan ahead. brian flores has more from the san leandro b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: good morning, tori. definitely a lot of people. as you can imagine, giants' fans are getting ready for the big parade. as you mentioned, we are live here at the san leandro b.a.r.t. station where it's business as usual but tomorrow, think ahead, it will be very busy throughout the bay area. that's because b.a.r.t. officials will be running the rush hour service all day using every train possible to and from the city. they are recommending that
riders they are reminding you about the parking lots expected to fill up fast tomorrow. the golden gate ferry and buses are also -- are also adding service and customers are urged to buy tints today if possible as well from ticket machines located at larkspur, san francisco or the sausalito terminals. we talked with b.a.r.t. riders this morning who are planning on going to the parade. they say they are heeding the warning. here's what they had to say -- >> i love it, actually. i was there two years ago. it was so much fun t doesn't bother me. >> i'm excited. it will be fun. it was two years ago. i'm sure it will be a great time again. >> reporter: as for golden gate transit buses they are expecting delays because of the a ray. they will be rerouting using folsom inbound using the transbay terminal. as you can imagine, it will an
very -- it will be a very busy day tomorrow. for more on today's traffic. let's toss it back to sal in the studio. >> the advice that he gave is very good. b.a.r.t. riders, be aware torm morning you will -- tomorrow morning, you will have a lot of company. let's take a look at 280 and 85 and 101. all three freeways are getting plenty of use. 85 from 87 heading on north. as we move the maps up here, there is a crash, northbound 101. it was in the left lane. they moved it to the side. and then hayward, southbound 880 there is a crash there as well. traffic is moving along very nicely. the fog seems to have lifted here. at the bay bridge toll plaza steady and slow for a 20-minute
delay. some fog has lited. others have not. and full moon. last night for us. yes, yes, yes. i've been all over what's going on back east. it's been amazing on twitter -- twitter an everywhere else. but for a dense fog advisory -- until 9:00. it makes sense but it doesn't always burn off at 9:00. some of it lingers a little bit. and then there's low clouds and drizzle. 40s and 50s. quarter mile or less, visibility and fog there. san jose is very nothinggy an 57. take your pick -- livermore, though, 891 yesterday. we have a really good-looking system. i mean, it's wrapped up. it looks great. a couple of forecast models are
speeding this up a little bit. here's why, i'm not really sold on that. the system that was hurricane sandy is not drifting back to the west-southwest. as long as the drift -- this will slow down and slow down, from the great lakes to the deep south. it's continuing to wobble or head back to the west. until it accelerates east arnortheast, our system can't go anywhere. fog, then snipe, thick morning fog. it will be a little cooler today. but still not bad, 60s and 70s on the temperatures. mainly le to mid-70s unless you are closer to the coast. there will be a lot of low clouds for the victory parade. we're holding off on any rain. upper 50s to near 60. again i'm leaning on this system slowing dune little bit. i think mostly cloudy, could be
driz. more likely late wednesday into early thursday we'll get the system. but that's it. one and done one and done. we'll have another report from the east coast and the additional help that california is sending to the east. and how the -- and how the storm is affecting wall street and the expectations for the markets to be reopened by tomorrow. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button.
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we are continuing to track the report of sandy.
there is a look at the conditions there. good morning, jennifer. good morning, tori. >> reporter: we're on the southern end of the impact zone. things are far.comer than they were yesterday. the surf is quiet. it's coldp and they certainly have some cleanup to do but nothing like we saw up north. the damage is varied depending upon where you go. but certainly conditions are -- there are all sorts of things that need to be dealt with today as a result of sandy which caused floods and power outages, also fires and snow. a record 13-foot storm surge in lower manhattan has left much of the area flooded. crews were forced to shuts off power. hundreds of patients also had to be evacuated after the facilities' backup generator failed. >> we expect many generators to last throughout the morning and possibly longer. >> reporter: the storm created
mass flooding and destroying a section of its famed boardwalk. >> i've lived up in the inlet more and it's always flooded up there. but. in parents of connet kid, the state's governor telling itses residents to seek higher ground. >> if your house is surrounded by water, your best and safest option right now is to remain in that house and move to a higher level of the house. this widespread super storm is earning its title along with the high winds and steady rain. >> i think in general, the word has gotten out. if you don't have to travel. take care of yourself and stay at home and make sure you are okay. >> new jersey governor chris chris -- chris christie says he appreciates the president's response every time he's called to ask for resources. >> he says there are immense power outages that need toen dealt with but the top priority is rescuing people from flooded areas.
he's promising that his state will rebuild. i'm jennifer davis. back to you. >> it is 7:45. more crews from california will be heading to the east coast to help restore power to millions of people in the dark from the storm. >> pg&e says it is sending 150 peas to -- employees to new york including crews from northern and central california. officials say downed power lines and an explosion are complicating the effort to restore electricity. at least 7.4 million people are without power in 13 states. >> time now 7:46. the storm is having a big effect on wall street. pam cook is in the newsroom now with a report -- with an important report that is at stake, particularly now that the stock markets are closed for the second day in row. >> it's the first sometime -- it's fin -- it's the first time since 1888. that's not just having an impact on day to day trading. it is affecting the short-term
future and investors. sandbags outside of the new york stock exchange is not a common sight. >> it's extremely unusual down here. >> there is extra motivation to get the markets open and the government back up and running. as the month and the fiscal year for many companies comes to an end tomorrow october 3,the jobs report as we know closely watched is an indicater of how the economy is doing and it's supposed to be the last one before tuesday's
presidential election. >> six ipos were scheduled to price. expects plan to launch this week. facebook is affected by the storm. i'm gonna tell you why sandy has facebook employees feeling anxious. a 6.2 earthquake that hit off the coast of canada.
the disastrous 2010 pg&e blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes and more than 3 -- 350 lawsuits have been filed against pg&e. >> all of the lanes on highway 1 in sonoma county. they are open again this morning after being shut down overnight for almost five hours. that's because of a crash around 9:00 last night -- 9:00 last night. a car went off the road, hit a tree, then burst into flames. >> a man and a woman from san leandro are under arrest in connection with a shooting that
critically injured a man in the marine district. police say he shot a man around 12:30 sunday morning outside of a halloween party near port -- near port mason. a heated issue. the proposal to tax soda in a bay area city that's sparked strong emotions on both sides.
for some people who live on the east coast. the super storm is bringing back member ris of hurricane april reason last year's devastating storm. but from these images from nasa, you can really see the difference between the two. sandy is on the left. irene on the right. and sandy is about twice as
large as last year's irene. this year's storm made landfall yesterday. shortly after being downgraded from hurricane status. next week voters -- measure n would add a one-cent per ounce tax on sodas. the no on measure n campaign has spent $2.5 million to blanket live monday -- richmond with billboards at a town hall meeting last night, richmond's mayor says the measure n is a good way to begin the fight against obesity. >> we know that soda is the perfect place because it gets no nutritional value. it's empty calories. >> this tax is gonna equate -- is an aggressive tax that will result in higher grocery bills. >> the no on measure n campaign is funded by the beverage
industry. if it passes, richmond could become the first in the country to impose the tax. and giants' fans are beying up world series championship gear. federal agents are warning you make sure what you are buying is legal. the giants' dugout store at the ballpark was busy. they are expecting bigger crowds before and after the parade. the merchandise there, that's legitimate. the federal agent is the -- the federal agents say they've confiscated about 1200 shirts sold by illegal street vendors. you can always tell if it's counterfeit or fake if it has poor quality and if it doesn't have that hologram sticker. >> it's a big day for taco bell restaurants. they are offering, in -- everybody in america, includinger toly campbell a free ta bow -- taco.
you can get one free doritos loco taco. if you go to the one at el makino real in redwood city, angel pagan himself may serve it to you. >> i may have to pass on the taco. >> i will achy taco. let's check in with sal. let's see what's happening on the san mateo bridge. >> yeah, people were joking about -- well, they also give everybody tums and roll-aids. >> if you are driving into the city or taking b.a.r.t., remember it will be very
crowded. traffic is busy heading off to the high rise. it looks like the gog has lifted a little bit. getting out is still gonna be tough. also this morning that's backed up for -- for about a 20, 25- minute delay. let's go to steve. well, we do have a dense fog advisory until -- advisory until 9:00. some of that will linger. although sal is right, it does seem to be lifting a little bit. be careful of that. after it burns off, the reason why, the system is trying to work its -- to work its way in. it looks like the rain will make it into wednesday, early thursday. a whopper of a system is dominating a third of the country. it's not moving. our system is hard-pressed to make much ground. our cold and rain forecast.
but it kind of keeps the rain off eureka. it's like a huge boulder. we're waiting for that system. it will make it but maybe not until late wednesday into early thursday. it's still pretty nice. yesterday was the warmest day. a little tricky forecast to the north. rain will be moving in. but a lot of that will probably be after 8:00, 9:00 until about midnight. fog, sun, cooler, late rain into early thursday. and then it looks like sunny and warmer by the weekend. 7:57. boy, as many as 100 thousands -- 100 houses in the new york city area destroyed by fire.
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welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. >> new this morning from new jersey, several rescue efforts underway right now to rescue people stranded by the floodwaters back east. rescuers used a boat to get to people stranded in hackens is sack, new jersey. they are also trying to reach at least 800 people in three towns after a berm overflowed in bergen county. new jersey governor, chris christie says the damage in new jersey is "undescribable." >> i expect to see a devastated jersey shore, that will be extraordinarily expensive to fix. we have 2.4 million households without power. >> on top of that, new jersey officials say -- the floodwaters there is mixed with sewage and rainwater. it's also responsible for
causing a sewage spill in maryland. as many as 2 million of sewage being bump -- being pumped after the power went at at a plant. there is a six-alarm fire in queens that's destroyed between 80 and 100 homes so far. firefighters have faced numerous obstacles including chest-deep floodwater. they've had to use a boat and climb onto an awning to save 25 people trapped in an upstairs apartment. >> hurricane force winds also cause. the subway system sustained
major damage and the brooklyn battery tunnel, the main tunnel between manhattan is closed due to flooding. it's unclear when subway service will resume in new york city. the storm is having an impact in the bay area. hundreds of flights have been canceled because of the huge storm. ail little rasmus -- allie rasmus is live at the airport with what you need to know if you have a flight today. >> reporter: well, the situation is improving. the spokesman here explained that yesterday they had 150 flights in and out of sfo to the east coast canceled. you can look at the -- you can look at the board, mainly the city is like washington, d.c. and new york, but today they only have 115 canceled flights, about 30 fewer than yesterday. it's very tentative, airports like newark and j.f.k. are still closed. it's really gonna depend on how the day progresses and what the ability is for these airports to begin accepting flights
again. it's all because of the impact of what was hurricane sandy. we found many people who spent the night here at sfo. many of the people accepted -- many of the people are international travelers. [audio is not understandable] [ audio is not understandable] >> all right. thank you, allie.
[please stand by] no arrests were made. police have not said what prompted the -- prompted the incident. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar is due to face a judge this afternoon. the 21-year-old was arrested in may in connection with her disappearance. she's been missing for seven months. volunteers are still sitching for her -- searching for her. even though her body has not been found. he may enter a plea today.
one of the people accused of killing an east bay woman was in a contra costa county croom yesterday -- courtroom yesterday. darnell washington was extradited from washington and epand his wife were arrested and they are accused of killing susie coe in her home. darnell washington is scheduled to enter a plea next month. tanya washington is still awaiting extradition. we're also finding out according to police that washingtons the -- that the washingtons robbed a k-mart store. the complaint shows that they drove a stolen truck from from montto pinole and then stole a hacksaw from the kmart store. authorities say that was part of the crime spree. he then allegedly shot and
wounded and -- he then shot and wounded a deputy to avoid being captured. >> happening now, students are showing their giants' pride at school as world series celebrations continue this morning. tara moriarty is live in san francisco with part of their story. >> reporter: good morning, so often we're out at the bars. and cheering as the giants win but we wanted to take it down to the neighborhoods and into the schools and we're here -- we're here where all of the kids are going to get excised for the big parade. tomorrow is halloween as well. were you able to -- anybody able to go to the parade two years ago? >> reporter: no. >> what was it like? >> reporter: there's so much energy. everyone was so excited. it's such a big deal here in san francisco. so how are you guys firing up this year. to you have any words for how you thought the season went?
>> good. >> reporter: in a nutshell, right. >> who is your favorite player? >> marco scutaro. >> reporter: how come? >> because he hit a lot of balls. >> reporter: he was pretty good. and this is the prince pam. you have halloween -- this is a -- you have two big events going on tomorrow. what are you going to do with students. i encourage the students to come to school, dress in their costumes and parents go ahead and send a note, pick them up take them to the parade, have a great afternoon and then i know we'll have a carnival that the 8th grade is putting on. i know the 8th grade is gonna stay and rally for the carnival. it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. you need to go for it. go, giants. >> are you excited? >> yeah! >> they will have a rally. but in the meantime, what do you guys have to say.
let's quickly check in with sal, let's see what's happening in the commute. some areas still heavy traffic out there. >> let's take a look at what we have with the slow traffic here in san jose. i want to show you all of the fog here. northbound 280. some slow traffic getting up to the 880 interchange and maybe you can see -- and you will see the slow traffic continuing. into cupertino. we have some slow traffic there and then as we move down to the san mateo bridge and also the hayward area, just a bunch of slow traffic heading through this area. some fog will start to lift. some of it can be rather
stubborn today. it's also a sign of a little cooler pattern. 40s and 50s. san jose really gogged in. 56, antioch, dipped to 49. 56. oakland, we have a good-looking system for a front out here. but it's moving very slowly. there's just a whopper of a system that's in the east. i will show you that in a second. dense fog advisory. yesterday we topped out. wednesday would be the warmest day of the week. but a little cooler and we'll carry that wednesday into thursday. there's our system. it looks good. it's still drifting back. some of its effects to the west. that kind of puts the brakes on everything back to the west coast until this moves off to the east or the northeast and i think we're in a holding pattern there. fog, then sunshine. some of that fog building in. a little cooler on the temperatures. and forecasted high, 60s and
70s. low to mid-70s instead of the upper 70s to low 80s. kind of a no pun intended tricky forecast for the north bay tomorrow. i think everyone else is all right. we'll try to hold the rain off. fog, sun, cooler increasing clouds, rain comes in on thursday. clear it out on friday, back to sunny and warm by the weekend, tori and dave. it is 8:09. the supreme court weighs in. the justices announce when they will decide whether to rule on the issue of same-sex marriage. who blocked a plan to spend millions of dollars between the 49ers and south bay schools. %blñwó
17 people have been killed in the super storm on the east coast. we have team coverage. scott macfarland is in washington, d.c. with a look at damage from the storm there. but first rene marsh is live in asberry park, new jersey. good morning, rene. >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you that 2.3 million people waking up this morning, a cold windy morning without any power here in new jersey. also, new jersey's governor is speaking out today, speaking that he's nowhere close to allowing people back on the new jersey shore because i guess it is just simply still not safe for folks to be venturing back out here. michael bloomberg says this is
the worst storm that new york has ever seen. take a look for yourself. you can see a lot of flooding. that stop sign knocked over. this is what we've been seeing from block to block. the big issue in this part of new jersey, though, is that flooding. >> all right. thank you, rene. now to washington, d.c. where the u.s. government is closed for a second day. the rain is slowing but still fall fail -- but still failing. it's not business as usual, right, scott? >> reporter: that's right. you will see some cars moving behind me. let's be clear. the big trick in washington, d.c. is getting around. major trees block side roads. there are some floods.
>> that said is a community that's slowing emerging. >> storm damage near some iconic u.s. landmarks. the lightps and lamb ports down by the monument. >> we didn't use any -- the lights -- the lights and lamp posts -- and what began as a hurricane is painfully cold. you can't see the flakes of snow that fluttered past the nation's capital. in the mountains of west virginia, there's blizzard conditions. the storm is still lurking, now over central south pennsylvania. this is not over. we still have weather to deal with. hopefully people can stay safe. >> reporter: if i d.c., the winds are calmer and so, two are the -- and so two are the rains. >> it's not pouring.
it's only 30 miles an hour. i'm getting out of the house. >> reporter: in is a freezing rain coming down. that's important because we have a half million people in metropolitan washington, d.c. with no power and no heat indefinitely. live in -- live this morning, scott macfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> at least 17 deaths have been blamed, including a woman who died after she was forced to abandon ship. now, the coast guard says 14 other crew members were rescued yesterday from aboard the hms bounty. however, 42-year-old claudine christian died. the captain of the ship is unaccounted for, presumed to have drowned. the bounty a replica of an 18th century sailing vessel that's been featured in several movies.
red cross volunteer virginia september us these pictures from the delaware coast -- sent us these pictures from the delaware coast. >> roads are open and we can go into communities. we'll be delivering why meals an delivering snacks and continuing to operate the shelters in this community. >> she also told us that she's helped with relief efforts following hurricane katrina as well. she said the coast guard has mobilized more than 1300 people to respond to hurricane sandy. 8:17. there is a new poll out on the race for the white house. this one shows a slight uptick for mitt romney. it's a gallup daily tracking poll. it says his improved numbers among registered voters give him 48% of the vote. the gallup poll also says among likely voters, romney has a 5% lead over the president.
51% to 46%. now, in some parts of the station, early voters are turning back. look at this polling place in miami. but in some states in the path of the east coast storm, early voting had to be canceled. the gallup poll is saying 15% of registered voters nationwide is already voting. >> it is 8:17. the u.s. supreme court says it's going to decide next month if it will take up two irons that are being closely watched by gay rights supporters. the court is now scheduled to meet privately on november 20th 20 discuss challenges to california's proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage. the justices will also consider four other cases considering the constitutionality, that's the federal law that defines marriages as between only a man -- only a man anded a would. -- a man and a woman.
san francisco's gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender says denations are rolling in to help replace two large windows. about 4:45 yesterday morning somebody threw gas bottles through the museum windows. the displays were not damaged. nothing was taken. it's not known if the damage was related to the vandalism that followed the giants' world series win. it is the only glbt history museum in the u.s. the state officials said no, they rejected a plan to split $30 million in redevelopment money between the 49ers and schools in the south bay. the department of finance says the agreement was not in place before a 2011 law that eliminated redevelopment agencies. next month school and government officials plan to challenge that ruling. the 49ers say the outcome will not affect construction of the
new stadium in santa clara. 8:19. cleaning up the streets of san jose. how a big vote today could affect the city's homeless population. look outside of our window, whatever you can see through the fog. wet weather is coming our way. the new color changing candle from air wick,
brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick.
>> city council members are scheduled to vote on whether or not to use $40,000 in federal grant money to help clean up the city's homeless camps. officials say there are dozens of homeless encampments causing trash and fire concerns. while residents say it is an issue of safety, others argue the homeless are not receiving enough help. >> i just wish that, you know, they -- >> they need help. >> city officials estimate they need up to $1 million to clean up homeless camps through june and then for the next fiscal year. 8:23. let's get you to where you need to go this morning.
>> we usually have the quad, the four bridges up there. but today it's too foggy to see all of them. we're gonna show them to you. this is the san mateo bridge and the traffic is moving along okay. it's a little bit slow as you get over to 101. also this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have a traffic backup there as you drive through. if you are driving in the east bay. i want to show you. it's very, very slow on 880 heading out -- actually, livermore traffic has been slow coming in from the tracy triangle. tuesday not looking all that great. 8:24. let's go to steve. we have a lot of low clouds around. a little breeze to have -- seems to have picked up. that help the kind of stir things around a little bit.
speaking -- that's when you get the really thick fog. it looks like some of it is related to a fog advisory. 81? yeah, 81, livermore. 75 today. 78 in santa rosa. 72 in san jose. 75 to 7 2. a couple of degrees cooler. 40s, 50s, temperatures are not going anywhere. that's a big system, a really big system but it will slowdown. fog, then sunshine. but it might take longer. >> 60s and 70s. i think we're no problems for the giants' victory parade. trick or treat could be tougher. it could be some rain in the north bay. clear it out friday, back to sunny and warmer for the weekend. >> all right, steve. 8:25. the daughter of a bay area woman who was murdered inside of her home speaks out for the first time. what she's assaying about the two -- what she's saying about
the two teenagers accused in her mother's death.
we have developing news. an early-morning house fire in san jose. one that's displaced a family of five. alex savidge has been there.
he's in san jose where fire crews and pg&e crews they are trying to figure out what happened particularly with natural gas. what's going on, alex? >> reporter: well, dave. people who live here tell me the house shook this morning. it was -- was a very significant shaking that they felt. the fire broke out in one of the bedrooms here at their home. you can see this the family that lives here. right now they are gathering any of the things they possibly can. as the fire investigators continue to look into reports of an explosion, potentially preceded this fire. a short time ago, we watched as pg&e crews were there. the family of five, boys, they were awake and got ready for
the day. they were able to escape. one person had to be treated for singed hair. >> we take any report of an explosion very seriously. we don't want anyone to get injured. so right now, we have our hazmat teams, our incident team on scene. they are gonna do air monitoring. the family, of course, can't stay here because of the damage to the home. the red cross is supposed to be helping the family out with a place to stay in the meantime. while everyone here is very crankfully that they all made it out -- thankful they made it out okay. they are worried about the family puppy searching, hoping to find him. >> live in san jose, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:30. two teenagers accused of the brutal killing of the castro valley woman almost two weeks ago are scheduled to be in court this morning. now, the daughter of the murdered woman is talking for
the first time is talking for the first time. the 18 and 16-year-old are accused of killing barbara latchlay when they allegedly stole guns and cash and jewelry from herhouse. >> i want them to get the death penalty. i want them to never, ever have a free day in their life again. >> romero says one of the suspects is actually a distant family member who previously had done work at her mother's house. both teenagers are facing murder charges. >> well, jury selection starts of an elementary principal accused of not reporting
molesting of a child that came forward. and then another child reported this and that child's mother called police. the principal is facing a misdemeanor charge. it is 8:31. some special education teachers in contra costa county are accusing a principal of making decisions that negatively affect students' well being. dr. barbara berman is principal of the turner east county special education program. the antioch press reports that teachers are upset that the playground was shut down for 20 days after a student damaged a mat under a swing. teachers say berman also ordered the try sickles to be locked up -- tricycles to be locked up for several days. the paper says one teacher plans to file a complaint and that berman did not return
calls for a comment. >> according to the san francisco chronicle, the two district spent months preparing for a joint application for the next round of federal race to the top funding. but because of a critical cause, unemploymentier leaders reportedly -- union leaders reportedly failed to sign the order. 8:33. well, signs of new life in downtown san jose after the recession left many commercial and residents buildings empty. now two new buildings have been approved. the 285-unit complex will go up on south market and santa clara and a 347 unit building will go up on carlisle street. city leaders say young workers want to live in vital urban areas. a lot of the people we talked to agreed with that. that's what san jose can offer? >> there is a lot more
different places to eat. there is a lot more places to go eat. i think it's coming up. >> well, the new international retailer moogy is looking for an act downtown. they want to set up shop in the base of the fairmont hotel next year. well, this morning a key new report shows u.s. home prices keep rising. overall, august home prices grew 2% in the 20 largest markets since last year. the third consecutive increase and at a faster pace in july. prices fell in seattle 1/10ths of a percent -- 1/10. the federal housing administration will approve
home loans for buyers who went through foreclosure more than three years ago. 8:34. b.a.r.t. riders take notice, tomorrow's giants' victory parade might very well turn your commute upside down. brian flores is live at san leandro b.a.r.t. station with the impact of hundreds of thousands of giants' fans what they are gonna do with mass transit tomorrow. >> reporter: yes -- yeah, good morning. it's simple. if you are planning to go to the giants' parade. you need to plan accordingly. you need to plan where it is. it's busy -- it's business as usual. expect that to be a different story. that's because b.a.r.t. officials say there will be running the schedule -- you
need -- they will be running the schedule tomorrow and they want you to avoid the peak commute hours. they also remind you that the b.a.r.t. parking lots are -- parking lots are expected to fill up fast. as for other transportation unions. as you can imagine the golden gate ferry and buses are adding service -- adding services for this event. we did speak with a few b.a.r.t. riders. >> i love it. i was there two years ago. it was so much fun. it wasn't bother me. i'm excited. it will be fun. i'm sure it will an great time again. as for golden gate transit buses they are expecting delays because of the parade and they will be rerouting away from the parade accordingly. back out here live. business is usual. tomorrow will be a different story. if you are planning to go to
the parade tomorrow, as we said earlier, plan ahead and plan acoringly. for more on today's traffic. it's a pretty soggy one back there. let's go to -- let's go back to sal. we're looking at what's going on out there. as brian mentioned -- b.a.r.t. is on time. this is northbound 280 in san jose and you will see some slow traffic not only in the northbound side which is on the right-hand side but on the left as well. also this morning we've been looking at the commute in the livermore valley. it's not been great really tough getting to livermore. it gets better by the time you reach castro valley. here in pleasant hill. very slow after a couple of stalled vehicles. bay bridge toll plaza still remains backed you. it's getting better. 8:37. let's go to steve. >> thank you. mostly cloudy skies. there is a big system off the
coast. we're waiting for that to arrive. some of that fog seems to be lifting. breeze is picking up. i'm standing in front of what looks to be a really impressive system. it just can't go anywhere. there is an even bigger system. the entire east coast and also the great lakes. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. some of this low cloud deck is right there. breeze picked up for a few locations. our system will get increasing clouds late, maybe to the north bay. it will really slow down. it can't really move very fast. it will be slightly cooler today. a little more coverage on that fog. taking us into we'll bottom out on thursday. and we'll start another warmup. the system looks impressive. it's wrapping u but watch what -- but watch what it has to run into. it's still drifting and wobbling back. i mean, tremendous amounts of snow, blizzards in west
virginia. cold, cold rain all the way down to the deep south and back to the northeast. until that accelerates to the east. our system is hard pressed to move very fast. fog, sign -- fog, sunshine. it will get here, though. coming down about 5, 7 degrees for some, others near the coast. now to the north i think you might have to deal with that system coming in late wednesday. for most of the bay area. it will be mostly cloudy. we'll have to keep an eye on the sky. increasing clouds late wednesday after a lot more fog. and then just like we planted it up in meteorology. new this morning michael bloomberg says 6100 people in new york city are now in shelters. >> make no mistake about it. this was a devastating storm.
maybe the worse that we've ever experienced. >> the storm flooded the new york city subway system which is still closed and caused the partial close of an apartment building and left this crane dangling about 80 stories up midtown. 750,000 people are without power. and it could be days before it is restored. much of the east coast is dealing with heavy rain. the storm combined hurricane sandy with a nor'easter and also brought blizzard conditions. forecasters say the higher elevations could see as much as three feet of snow. a winter storm warning is in effect for the southern appalachians through tomorrow morning and president obama has declared a state of emergency in west virginia. 8:40. most tv shows filmed in new york they are on hold because of the -- because of the big storm. there are a few exceptions. they are gonna tape tonight show with no audience just like
he did last night. we're don'ting -- we're continuing to track the conditions on the east coast. we'll have conditions -- next. and one school in alameda is showing their spirit for the giants
d that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento
and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. coming up at 8:44. this morning we're tracking the aftermath of a super storm that's covering a third of the country. it knocked out power to millions and caused at least 21 deaths, including ten in new york city. >> reporter: we're on the southern end of the impact zone. they are bouncing back pretty quickly. they really dodge some of that major des struck. you can see things starting to
return to normal. >> um crews were forced to cut off power -- utility crews were forced to cut off power. >> i've lived up more and it's always flooded up there in the inlet. >> reporter: and in parts of connecticut, the state is telling -- the state is telling everyone -- >> if your house is surrounded
by water, remain in the house and move to a higher level of the house. >> chris chris tee is describing the damage in his state as unfathomable and terrible. he says his first priority is getting to folks stranded in flash flooded areas. >> live in virginia beach, i'm jennifer davis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> sandy is also having a big business impact on companies an investors right here on the west coast. pam cook in the newsroom to tell us really what's at stake and also what's on hold. pam? >> reporter: well, it's the first time since 1888 that bad weather shut down the stock market here in the u.s. for two days in a row and that is
putting some company reports and debuts on hold. sandbags are once again outside of the stock exchange but traders are not inside for the second day today. exchange operators are there, testing the systems. they are motivated to open at least for electronic trading tomorrow. that's because the months and the physical dal year for many -- fiscal year for many companies comes to an end october 21st. the u.s. labor department is working hard to release the jobs report on schedule which comes on friday despite the government shut down because of the storm. the jobs report, of course, an important indicater of how the economy is doing. also, six ipos were scheduled to price this week but many may now wait to take their company public until after the presidential election next tuesday.
restoration and on monday, the lock upperiod expired. that means they could start sharing their shares -- selling their shares but because the markets are closed, they will have to wait loner to -- locker to sell -- longer to sell. commits are forecasting the loss to sandy $10 to $0 billion. that's due to business interruptions and the impact to bridges, roads and mass transportation systems.
let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories -- more than 80 houses in the new york city area were destroyed by a fire in flood areas by queens. that fire has been burning for hours. >> the storm impacts are also being felt right here in the bay area. more than 100 flights have been cansged to the east coast in local airports. now if you have a flight schedule today, you are being urged to check the status of the flight. >> the city of san francisco making the final preparations for tomorrow's big giants' victory parade t will start at 11:00 a.m. right near the ferry building and then run along mission street. >> more than a million people.
b.a.r.t. could see near record ridership. >> happening now, students are showing their giants' pride at school as world series celebrations continue. tara moriarty is live at one san francisco school where it sounds like a prep rally is underway. >> reporter: these guys are so excited. they are dressed up in their orange and black. a lot of them will be celebrating tomorrow -- will be celebrating halloween tomorrow. if we pan around, you can see just how many students we have here, kindergarten through 8th grade. they are fired up. [ cheers ] >> reporter: now, right, now -- now, right now -- now, right now we're going to -- to here -- each grade level has prepared a cheer for the giants. first off, we have the
kindergarteners. [ cheers ] >> reporter: good job! over here, we have member of the student body and they are very excited. did you ever think that you would be here? that we would win the world series again? >> not really. >> now, pablo sandoval won mvp. do you think he deserved it. >> i do. but everyone played on the team. >> some of you are gonna -- some of you are gonna go
downtown what do you think about that this. >> it's really cool. all of the kids are gonna send it out with one big cheer. let's send it out, guys. >> go, giants! go, giants! go, giants! >> very excite there. 8:52. well, the world series was a huge hit on social media and local tv but not so much on national tv. the research department says nearly 2 million people in the bay area watched game 4 but nationally, fox says the series averaged only 12.7 million viewers. that was a record low for world
series tv ratings. one of the reasons my have been a lot of people were focusing on the hurricane sandy moving toward the east coast. major league baseball says there were 1.2 million comments on social media for game 4 and that was a new world series record. it's a big day for taco bell restaurants. they are offering -- they are offering everyone a free taco in america. between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. you can get a free doritos taco. if you are at the taco bell in redwood city on el camino real, anpagano -- angel pagano may serve you. still ahead -- a key court ruling expected today deals with the pipeline disaster how this may affect how victims are
welcome back. well, today a judge is expected to make a final ruling on whether victims of the san bruno pipeline disaster can seek punitive damages from pg&e. that 2010 blast killed eight
people, destroyed 38 homes. more than 350 lawsuits have been filed against pg&e. now, pg&e is trying to settle the claims but today's ruling may clear the way for a jury to decide even bigger punitive damages if the cases go to trial. it's ticket tuesday. today's winners will get to check out canadian rock band "rush." three luck -- lucky viewers will win tickets to the pavilion. they were nominated this month for the 2013 rock n' roll hall of fame. for your chance to win, go to ktvu before midnight tonight and put in the secret word "press toe." easy to remember. >> yeah. let's check in with sal. see how the commute is going? >> right now, we do have some slow traffic out there, still for your morning commute. starting off in oakland, northbound on the right, you can see some slow traffic there. also this morning we're looking at the toll plaza where it's still backed up for a little bit of a delay, about 15 minutes there. in san francisco we have a lot of slowing on northbound 101
getting down -- getting into the downtownarea. fog advisory only goes for a couple of more minutes. increasing clouds tomorrow. if you are in the north bay, i would say take the trick or treaters, early -- the earlier, the better. >> don't wait. >> no. >> south bay you are fine. north bay, you might want to leave early. >> all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> be sure to join the news at noon for more on super storm sandy. thank you for joining us.
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